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Therapy for Re-Rolling Addiction

20th Level Warlock

I got to level 20 on my Warlock character this weekend. I plan on going to the “8”s and then PvPing my way to the next “10”s, and that’s just what I did for the 18-20 process. I got myself enough WSG tokens to get the level 18 Ring and almost enough for the Cloak.

I’m leveling the character Demonology instead of the usual Affliction because I wanted to try something different. I’m really liking it, but I might change to Destruction just to give it a whirl. I’m ready to hit 40 so I can have a PvP build and a separate PvE build for myself.

As a side note, I am really enamored of the Orc Racial Blood Fury for the Spellpower enhancement. It scales really well with levels and comes in useful in both PvP and when fighting boss mobs in instances.


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Alt Purge

I took an evening and deleted pretty much every character that I might consider an alt under the level of 40. This left me with three characters on my main server Thunderhorn.

As a result of this, I made a new Warlock who is nearly an exact copy of the first character I ever made. This will be my current focus character. Sorry to Israhpem, apparently my experiment failed. I will simply have a goal from this point on to level this character 10 levels per week. This should be fairly simply accomplished as I won’t focus at all on tradeskills until max level. This should be a simple enough task as I’ve already got level 10 in the two evenings of play I’ve dedicated to this character.

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Paladin Leveling

I’ve been working on my paladin since I last posted on here, and Namiel is now level 75.  I spent a good period of time working on the 969 rotation that is used with paladin tanking. It is amazing how fast you can actually kill things as prot these days. I remember AoE grinding in my 40s and 50s and it taking forever, but with all of my abilities at this level, it seems to be taking no time at all to get mobs down. I plan to start doing normal instances. Hopefully I won’t get the parties killed very often.

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Main Playing

Update from this weekend: I started playing my main again.

It’s kind of funny how I gained interest in Namiel again. It was probably in keeping up with this blog and in listening to back episodes of Twisted Nether Blogcast that really inspired me. I took her up to level 74, started working on a tank set, dual spec’d Ret/Prot, ran through Dalaran for my first time, got revered with Kalu’ak, and, over-all, just had a lot of fun with a character I didn’t enjoy for a long time.

The role I’ve always enjoyed doing is tanking. I originally leveled Namiel from the 40s to 70 as Prot, and I’ve been reading up on the changes to Paladin tanking on the Maintankadin website/forums. It seems to really haven’t changed a whole lot since BC, but I’m going to have to start running some instances to really get into a groove again.

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Yesterday, I did the unthinkable, I play characters other than my Priest. I still plan on playing with him as my focus character, but my need to play multiple characters took over. Continue reading

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