Adventures in Altitis

Therapy for Re-Rolling Addiction

Wailing Caverns

Well, Israhpem went into WC tonight with a party that consisted of 2 hunters, a mage, a warrior, and me. Initially, I thought this would be a good run, but I was terribly wrong. Continue reading


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Ragefire Chasm

As the title suggests, I ran RFC today, multiple times. This allowed me to get to lvl 15, almost to 16.  I healed for these and practiced a Discipline way of healing rather than my older style of using chain Renew with Heals thrown in  when the “tank” got low. Continue reading

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I had a marathon play session tonight and got Israhpem to level 13.  The link to the right of his Armory still isn’t working, but I’m thinking the character might still be a little too new for it have updated properly. Continue reading

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I’ve played a few more times and gained a few more levels (8) with Israhpem. I also chose my professions: Inscription and Herbalism. I was very surprised how much the milled herbs were going for on the AH.

I’m also slowly updating the layout of this site to look more appropriate.  I will be improving my links and  blogroll in the coming days. If any readers (haha) have any links that might be appropriate, please leave a comment.

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First Day

I went through the starting zone for the BE and got to level 5 without much trouble. I’d be worried if I had any trouble so far. The starting area was so full of new people I asked how old the server was, and got the answer of about 4 years. This surprised me because it was the recommended Normal server for new characters and usually those are pretty new. It must be overly underpopulated.

I was also very surprised to be invited to join a guild so early on. Apparently it is a guild of rerollers (perfect for me) called Nooblets. So I am happy to be able to say, I am Israhpem of Nooblets.

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Introduction to the Experiment

This is a World of Warcraft Blog.

I am Chris the Abject, and I suffer from altitis. I have leveled and deleted characters on different servers that must number close to 100. These include a 56 priest, 30s of every class, and so many 20s as to be almost humorous if it weren’t simply too sad. As an experiment and a subject for this blog, I chose to do something maybe unconventional. Since I have such difficulty in staying with a race or class combination, (through the genius of my loving and beautiful wife) I decided to determine what race/class combo I would play through to 80 via a random number generator. But, maybe some history is in order before I go further into the experiment itself. Continue reading

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