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I mentioned in my last post that the role of Tanking was something that attracted me. It got me thinking about what classes are implemented to fulfill that role. I have a paladin who is coming along nicely. I have a Druid who I’ve never actually tanked with, but I maybe dual-spec into a tanking role simply to try the Druidish style. I have a couple of warriors who I cannot seem to get up very high. I mess around with one, but then again, I was planning on maybe making a Goblin in the expansion a warrior, and I might just wait until then to really work on one. Fourthly, there is the Death Knight who I started last night in a bout of insomnia to try my hand at DK tanking. Finding resources on DK tanking is really difficult, but I did find one blogger over at who seemed to be going about it in a very methodical way. I will probably be using this blog as a jumping off point for my experience.

The thing that bothers me with DK tanking is I don’t really understand yet how threat is generated. I can see that Parry is king, but threat seems to come simply through straight dps. I guess that was much of the change for the tanking experience throughout WotLK, I’m just worried with how it plays out with my DK friend.


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Yesterday, I did the unthinkable, I play characters other than my Priest. I still plan on playing with him as my focus character, but my need to play multiple characters took over. Continue reading

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I had a marathon play session tonight and got Israhpem to level 13.  The link to the right of his Armory still isn’t working, but I’m thinking the character might still be a little too new for it have updated properly. Continue reading

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