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20 Something Druid Woes

I’ve been really focused on my druid since my last post. I’ve broke the 8k gold point on the server and leveled to 24 tonight. I broke down and respec’d feral. I really felt bad about it, but there is simply no gear for a leather caster worthwhile and being decked out in cloth just didn’t seem valid. I know it’s mostly what leather-wearing casters end up wearing, but I don’t have to like it. Plus, since my druid is a Leatherworker, I could make most of the gear I would want to wear as a kitty.

Anyway, I ran BFD. It was the first instance I had run in a while, and since I just respec’d, I needed the random gear to fill out my cloak slot. The run went fairly smoothly except we got stuck with a couple of hunters that just did stupid things. The first died and then I couldn’t find his corpse to ress him, and instead of running back to the instance, he just complained for the 5 mins. in chat while we continued to kill things. He was replaced by a hunter that lit all 4 braziers at once in the room before the final boss. Needless to say, we didn’t ress him and just killed the final boss without him.

I really feel bad because it is these players that give hunters a bad name. of course, I’ve seen other classes do the same stupid stuff, but no one pulls out a┬áderogatory┬áname for them. I don’t know, I’m just getting tired of stupid things being done by stupid people in these groups.

I really want to find a guild to level with. I think that would be beneficial to keeping myself interested in this character. I know that when I leveled a Night Elf Rogue when Lich King came out, it was because I was in a guild that had a goal of raiding later and leveled together. I was soon outleveled in that guild, but it didn’t matter because there were still people I could talk to while I leveled. For being such a social game, I have just as much difficulty meeting people as I do in real life. I guess it just really shows the truth of my personality.


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New Druid

I made a Druid this weekend because I was in the mood to play one. I’m speccing it Balance because of a previous Druid I leveled as Feral. I was really thinking about waiting until the x-pac to roll a new druid, but my altitis got the best of me and I went ahead and made one anyway. I got him to level 16 over the past 2 days and am fairly happy with his progress. One thing I never noticed nor remember about leveling a druid in the pre-20 range is how fast i go through mana. It is stupid how often I am drinking. I’m tempted to keep 3 stacks of water on me just to keep it up.

In other news, I broke the 6k mark on my primary server. I really don’t know why I’m so interested in making so much gold since, at the moment, I really don’t have anything to spend it on. But, it certainly is one of the more interesting parts of my gaming day.

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new adventure

I started a new priest and i’m going to attempt to level him.

Most of my time is spent playing the AH, and I’ve learned a lot from My Two Copper and the corresponding podcast Call to Auction.

I’m up to 5000 gold on my main server and close to that on my two secondary servers i’m working on. It was really easy to make that money on a high population server.

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6/22 Patch Day Update

So it’s 3.3.5 patch day and it looks like the Authentication servers are down at this time. So, I’m going to update you with what I’ve been doing recently.

Mostly I’ve been making gold. It may seem stupid, but AH time is important time for me now, and I really enjoy it. Maybe I’ll post every step I’m doing at a later date.

Secondly, I started a Mage on Friday night and he’s about level 25 now. I’m leveling him fire instead of the frost I usually try to level my mages. I’m really enjoying burning things down in a matter of 2-4 casts. My gear is really focused on spellpower, and I’m in almost all blues because I’m running so many instances. I never thought I would enjoy mage, but since I was having fun with warlock just a few months ago, I thought I’d do something a little different.

That’s pretty much it.

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Update: 12 June 2010

Well, I broke 1k gold on my bank alt and AH gamer. I was pretty happy about that, it’s kinda fun just spending about an hour or so making money in a fake game.

Otherwise, my actual character I’m playing is 37 now. I really seem to be getting levels pretty easily. I don’t know why this just seems to be going faster than usual. I don’t think Blizz changed the xp gains since I last leveled a character like this or what. Maybe, I’m just enjoying playing an Arms Warrior. I’ve always liked Arms and its fun to just do dps in parties. My dps is almost totally dependent on Rend and Overpower, and that’s ok with me. I’m not really worrying about upgrading my stuff like I usually do and I’m just using what I get for the most part. I do upgrade my weapons every 5 levels, though. That’s one thing that AH-gaming is helping me with.

Today I was in a group running Razorfen Downs. We had a pally tank and we were having an ok run. The mage was pulling aggro pretty often using Blizzard, but it really wasn’t anything unmanageable. Anyway, we fight Tuten’kash and the Plate drops. I, being a warrior, roll need on it and win. The paladin, who after I rolled typed “MINE!”, also rolled need and when he lost said, “that was the only reason I was even running this instance.” A few moments later he left without saying another word.

Now, if he had said something at the beginning of the instance that he was wanting this certain piece of eq, I would of happily passed on the item. But, what he did was be a big baby about the whole thing, be somewhat rude in his comments, and then went away pouting after he didn’t get what he wanted. I really think it was absurd and immature. If I wanted some specific piece of eq, I would speak up at the beginning of the instance instead of waiting until it dropped and after I rolled on it to say anything.

Whatever, it was someone being stupid, and I’ll drop it. I just think behavior like that is unnecessary and uncalled for.

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Weekly Update

I got into the 30s with my new Warrior. I’m leveling as Arms because I’ve just always been attracted to it. In instance runs I do, I don’t even put tank as an option and just say I’m going to do dps. I really need some gear upgrades, but I’m not getting any decent drops in the runs I do.

I started playing the AH with a bank alt and gained about 350g this week with only 20g starting money. I feel pretty good about that and am interested in how much the coming weeks will bring in. I should mention that my bank alt currently has all bank slots with 16 slot bags.

The server I’m on, Staghelm, has a really inflated economy, at least to what I’m accustomed to, so the cost of things on the AH really allows money to grow when people underprice things so much.

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Newb Tanking Gripes

After a couple months off from the game and noticing that I hadn’t closed my account like I had intended, I started up an orc warrior last night. I got to level 15 before going to bed. Upon awaking this morning, I thought I would run RFC and try to get some gear, so I ended up tanking. Here are a few gripes I have about people rolling alts and not being accustomed to newbie tanking.

First of all, I absolutely cannot stand when melee dps runs ahead to the next group of mobs when the healer has no mana. This just pisses me off to no end. I pull slowly. I’m very conservative when I tank and I know this annoys many people, but I don’t have a lot of buttons to save your ass if you pull a lot of threat and there is no one able to heal.

Secondly, I had this pleasant group tell me I could use Charge while in Defensive Stance. The ability to do that is located in a 41 point talent, well out of the reach of a level 15 Warrior. If you think I should be charging instead of pulling with a ranged weapon, I’m going to be stance-dancing. I know you think you have a way of doing things that is successful, but not everyone has the same way of doing things. Being the tank, I think I should be allowed some leeway in my tanking style. As long as we’re not dying, I feel that things are going well. I’m sorry if I don’t meet your lovely exp/min. requirements. This is a pickup group and it will be over in a mere 15 mins, or you can leave and get another group that fits in with your style better. RFC is a very easy instance and can be run with 3 lvl 15s successfully, and unless you are our healer, we don’t need you.

Three, don’t pull the boss when the rest of the party has decided to clear the zone. If you’re unhappy with that decision, speak up instead of dying and wasting all of our times.

And finally, Taunt doesn’t just generate threat. It will create enough threat to pull the mob off of you and onto me, but if I’m using it on a mob that is already focused on me it is not going to do anything. Telling me to tab-taunt isn’t a good way to get things done, either. It is on an 8-sec cooldown for starters. Maybe you are getting Sunder Armor confused with Taunt. I don’t know, but I’m not going to argue because I’m too busy pulling stuff of your DPS ass because you couldn’t wait for me to pull in a controlled manner.

Otherwise, I really like the new Victory Rush ability. It helps greatly when soloing quests and I’ve really noticed a difference in the time it takes for me to kill things simply because of that ability.

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20th Level Warlock

I got to level 20 on my Warlock character this weekend. I plan on going to the “8”s and then PvPing my way to the next “10”s, and that’s just what I did for the 18-20 process. I got myself enough WSG tokens to get the level 18 Ring and almost enough for the Cloak.

I’m leveling the character Demonology instead of the usual Affliction because I wanted to try something different. I’m really liking it, but I might change to Destruction just to give it a whirl. I’m ready to hit 40 so I can have a PvP build and a separate PvE build for myself.

As a side note, I am really enamored of the Orc Racial Blood Fury for the Spellpower enhancement. It scales really well with levels and comes in useful in both PvP and when fighting boss mobs in instances.

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Alt Purge

I took an evening and deleted pretty much every character that I might consider an alt under the level of 40. This left me with three characters on my main server Thunderhorn.

As a result of this, I made a new Warlock who is nearly an exact copy of the first character I ever made. This will be my current focus character. Sorry to Israhpem, apparently my experiment failed. I will simply have a goal from this point on to level this character 10 levels per week. This should be fairly simply accomplished as I won’t focus at all on tradeskills until max level. This should be a simple enough task as I’ve already got level 10 in the two evenings of play I’ve dedicated to this character.

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I haven’t been playing WoW recently, being lost in Dragon Age instead. When I get some more interest in what I’m doing again, I’ll start posting again.

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