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20 Something Druid Woes

I’ve been really focused on my druid since my last post. I’ve broke the 8k gold point on the server and leveled to 24 tonight. I broke down and respec’d feral. I really felt bad about it, but there is simply no gear for a leather caster worthwhile and being decked out in cloth just didn’t seem valid. I know it’s mostly what leather-wearing casters end up wearing, but I don’t have to like it. Plus, since my druid is a Leatherworker, I could make most of the gear I would want to wear as a kitty.

Anyway, I ran BFD. It was the first instance I had run in a while, and since I just respec’d, I needed the random gear to fill out my cloak slot. The run went fairly smoothly except we got stuck with a couple of hunters that just did stupid things. The first died and then I couldn’t find his corpse to ress him, and instead of running back to the instance, he just complained for the 5 mins. in chat while we continued to kill things. He was replaced by a hunter that lit all 4 braziers at once in the room before the final boss. Needless to say, we didn’t ress him and just killed the final boss without him.

I really feel bad because it is these players that give hunters a bad name. of course, I’ve seen other classes do the same stupid stuff, but no one pulls out a┬áderogatory┬áname for them. I don’t know, I’m just getting tired of stupid things being done by stupid people in these groups.

I really want to find a guild to level with. I think that would be beneficial to keeping myself interested in this character. I know that when I leveled a Night Elf Rogue when Lich King came out, it was because I was in a guild that had a goal of raiding later and leveled together. I was soon outleveled in that guild, but it didn’t matter because there were still people I could talk to while I leveled. For being such a social game, I have just as much difficulty meeting people as I do in real life. I guess it just really shows the truth of my personality.


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