Adventures in Altitis

Therapy for Re-Rolling Addiction

New Druid

I made a Druid this weekend because I was in the mood to play one. I’m speccing it Balance because of a previous Druid I leveled as Feral. I was really thinking about waiting until the x-pac to roll a new druid, but my altitis got the best of me and I went ahead and made one anyway. I got him to level 16 over the past 2 days and am fairly happy with his progress. One thing I never noticed nor remember about leveling a druid in the pre-20 range is how fast i go through mana. It is stupid how often I am drinking. I’m tempted to keep 3 stacks of water on me just to keep it up.

In other news, I broke the 6k mark on my primary server. I really don’t know why I’m so interested in making so much gold since, at the moment, I really don’t have anything to spend it on. But, it certainly is one of the more interesting parts of my gaming day.


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