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6/22 Patch Day Update

So it’s 3.3.5 patch day and it looks like the Authentication servers are down at this time. So, I’m going to update you with what I’ve been doing recently.

Mostly I’ve been making gold. It may seem stupid, but AH time is important time for me now, and I really enjoy it. Maybe I’ll post every step I’m doing at a later date.

Secondly, I started a Mage on Friday night and he’s about level 25 now. I’m leveling him fire instead of the frost I usually try to level my mages. I’m really enjoying burning things down in a matter of 2-4 casts. My gear is really focused on spellpower, and I’m in almost all blues because I’m running so many instances. I never thought I would enjoy mage, but since I was having fun with warlock just a few months ago, I thought I’d do something a little different.

That’s pretty much it.


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