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Therapy for Re-Rolling Addiction

Update: 12 June 2010

Well, I broke 1k gold on my bank alt and AH gamer. I was pretty happy about that, it’s kinda fun just spending about an hour or so making money in a fake game.

Otherwise, my actual character I’m playing is 37 now. I really seem to be getting levels pretty easily. I don’t know why this just seems to be going faster than usual. I don’t think Blizz changed the xp gains since I last leveled a character like this or what. Maybe, I’m just enjoying playing an Arms Warrior. I’ve always liked Arms and its fun to just do dps in parties. My dps is almost totally dependent on Rend and Overpower, and that’s ok with me. I’m not really worrying about upgrading my stuff like I usually do and I’m just using what I get for the most part. I do upgrade my weapons every 5 levels, though. That’s one thing that AH-gaming is helping me with.

Today I was in a group running Razorfen Downs. We had a pally tank and we were having an ok run. The mage was pulling aggro pretty often using Blizzard, but it really wasn’t anything unmanageable. Anyway, we fight Tuten’kash and the Plate drops. I, being a warrior, roll need on it and win. The paladin, who after I rolled typed “MINE!”, also rolled need and when he lost said, “that was the only reason I was even running this instance.” A few moments later he left without saying another word.

Now, if he had said something at the beginning of the instance that he was wanting this certain piece of eq, I would of happily passed on the item. But, what he did was be a big baby about the whole thing, be somewhat rude in his comments, and then went away pouting after he didn’t get what he wanted. I really think it was absurd and immature. If I wanted some specific piece of eq, I would speak up at the beginning of the instance instead of waiting until it dropped and after I rolled on it to say anything.

Whatever, it was someone being stupid, and I’ll drop it. I just think behavior like that is unnecessary and uncalled for.


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