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After a couple months off from the game and noticing that I hadn’t closed my account like I had intended, I started up an orc warrior last night. I got to level 15 before going to bed. Upon awaking this morning, I thought I would run RFC and try to get some gear, so I ended up tanking. Here are a few gripes I have about people rolling alts and not being accustomed to newbie tanking.

First of all, I absolutely cannot stand when melee dps runs ahead to the next group of mobs when the healer has no mana. This just pisses me off to no end. I pull slowly. I’m very conservative when I tank and I know this annoys many people, but I don’t have a lot of buttons to save your ass if you pull a lot of threat and there is no one able to heal.

Secondly, I had this pleasant group tell me I could use Charge while in Defensive Stance. The ability to do that is located in a 41 point talent, well out of the reach of a level 15 Warrior. If you think I should be charging instead of pulling with a ranged weapon, I’m going to be stance-dancing. I know you think you have a way of doing things that is successful, but not everyone has the same way of doing things. Being the tank, I think I should be allowed some leeway in my tanking style. As long as we’re not dying, I feel that things are going well. I’m sorry if I don’t meet your lovely exp/min. requirements. This is a pickup group and it will be over in a mere 15 mins, or you can leave and get another group that fits in with your style better. RFC is a very easy instance and can be run with 3 lvl 15s successfully, and unless you are our healer, we don’t need you.

Three, don’t pull the boss when the rest of the party has decided to clear the zone. If you’re unhappy with that decision, speak up instead of dying and wasting all of our times.

And finally, Taunt doesn’t just generate threat. It will create enough threat to pull the mob off of you and onto me, but if I’m using it on a mob that is already focused on me it is not going to do anything. Telling me to tab-taunt isn’t a good way to get things done, either. It is on an 8-sec cooldown for starters. Maybe you are getting Sunder Armor confused with Taunt. I don’t know, but I’m not going to argue because I’m too busy pulling stuff of your DPS ass because you couldn’t wait for me to pull in a controlled manner.

Otherwise, I really like the new Victory Rush ability. It helps greatly when soloing quests and I’ve really noticed a difference in the time it takes for me to kill things simply because of that ability.


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