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20th Level Warlock

I got to level 20 on my Warlock character this weekend. I plan on going to the “8”s and then PvPing my way to the next “10”s, and that’s just what I did for the 18-20 process. I got myself enough WSG tokens to get the level 18 Ring and almost enough for the Cloak.

I’m leveling the character Demonology instead of the usual Affliction because I wanted to try something different. I’m really liking it, but I might change to Destruction just to give it a whirl. I’m ready to hit 40 so I can have a PvP build and a separate PvE build for myself.

As a side note, I am really enamored of the Orc Racial Blood Fury for the Spellpower enhancement. It scales really well with levels and comes in useful in both PvP and when fighting boss mobs in instances.


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