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There is a player on Israhpem’s server I have been “mentoring” in a way on how to level his rogue. Now, my rogue isn’t max level, but I got my information together to learn how to level him and some of the best tactics while leveling.

When I first met this guy (I’ll use the term guy simply because his character was male), it was in one of my failed attempts at Wailing Caverns. He told me he had a level 80 Paladin Alliance side, and that he was trying something new out (something I can very well sympathize with). I told him that I had some experience with rogues, and we started talking about the “best” spec for leveling and such. He had a nice sword and axe combo, but I noticed that he had a lot of str. I told him that he should simply be stacking agi since that is what was going to make the best of each point on the eq he had. Agi for a rogue is so important because of the fact that rogues get both AP and Crit off of their agi. At this low level, you cannot find things that will increase your haste, crit, or hit ratings very often, so you want to really focus yourself on Agi followed by AP with Sta as a distant third. Essentially, when it becomes available, you want hit, agi/crit, AP/haste in that order. Until the end-game where you can stack much more ArP, these are your goals (some of this information may be a little out of date, any corrections are encouraged in the comments). While I’m on the topic of equipment, I’d like to point out that at these low levels, you’re going to want the traditional slow Main-hand weapon and fast Off-hand weapon. The fast OH gives you more poison procs and since Sinister Strikes and most of the rest of your main damaging attacks go off of your MH weapon damage, the slower, higher weapon damage MH makes more sense. With the addition of Axes to the list of weapon skills, you have a wider range of choices now than rogues did before.

This rogue was combat spec, and he began asking how he should be selecting talents. I gave him a basic layout of this. The rundown of which is:

  • Level 10-14: 5/5 Murder – These 5 points in the assassination tree are the easiest boost to a person’s damage and is effect regardless of what level you are.
  • level 15-16: 2/2 Sinister Strike – As combat, you are basically only throwing out SS to build up your combo points, making it cheaper allows you to throw out more in a shorter amount of time.
  • level 17-19: 3/5 Dual Wield Specialization: This helps you hit with your off-hand which isn’t as important now as it will be, but those extra hits are noticeable damage boost, especially if you have a good off-hand weapon.
  • level 20-24: 5/5 Precision: Since you can’t find much hit on your eq at these lower levels, having this talent is really nice.
  • level 25-26: 2/2 Improved Slice and Dice: The SnD buff is a great way to improve your damage as a rogue, and this talent makes it so you don’t have to rebuff yourself in battles. Sure, most battles you won’t have it fall off of you before it is over, but parties might be different, and this talent turns a few combo points into pure damage instead of rebuff.
  • level 27-28: 5/5 Dual Wield Specialization: Finishing off DWS just makes your off-hand attacks almost as good as your main-hand attacks.
  • level 29: 1/2 Endurance: Basically, you have 1 point to use to go down into the tree, so I suggest Endurance for the Sta buff. The quicker cooldowns are nice, but not the real goal of taking the talent.
  • level 30-34: 5/5 Aggression: This is a pure damage buff to the two abilities you use most for damage, Sinister Strike and Eviscerate.
  • level 35-39: 5/5 Hack and Slash: The former Sword Specialization had axes added to it, so you have a much greater range of possible weapons to use for the traditional Sword Spec builds of the past.
  • level 40: 1/1 Blade Flurry: This is for those times when you have two guys on you or when you just want an attack speed buff on a single target.

I’m not going to go further because I think at this point you’d be able to find some much better resources out there on the net than I can provide. I would suggest the Twisted Nether Wiki and its Big List of Blogs to help you.

I gave all of this information to this rogue through tells and such over a period of a night. To my surprise, when I logged on he sent me a tell and told me he was bored and wanted to respec. I asked if he was sure, knowing full well that combat is the way to go during these first 1/2 of levels, and he was convinced of it. I coaxed him away from Subtlety when he gave me a list of talents that added nothing to his damaging abilities. We went over a possible Assassination/Combat spec that is used with Backstab, which he was really happy with while he was in a party. A few days later he told me I was right and that he regretted leaving Combat since he couldn’t solo as well with the Assassination spec.

At this point, I don’t think he even thinks of playing this rogue at all.


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