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That didn’t last long. I started a new character with my brother tonight. We’re leveling Alliance Characters on Kargath, neither of us have any above level 60, and I figured duoing this content would be easier and more fun than trying to solo it again (plus it gives us an opportunity to really play together). We got to level 10 tonight, almost finishing Azuremyst Isle. I’m playing a Shaman, Anodoin (planning on going elemental) and he is playing a Druid(planning on going Balance). The leveling was pretty quick, we did it in about three to four hours, and I had a lot of fun hanging out with him.

You see, his main is a level 80 Death Knight completely geared out. We won’t play tomorrow, probably, because that is when his guild raids, but, as he said, they will probably do all of the 25-man content in that one night. Such is the difference between our two play styles. He has been able to focus on these characters one at a time to get them to max level, and I cannot focus on a single character at all.

Take yesterday for example. Not only did I run Wailing Caverns (finally) with Israhpem, but I got into a group that ran Shadowfang Keep. I got a lot of decent gear in these runs, and got to level 23. Later, I got on my paladin, Namiel, and leveled her to 71, finishing the first quest-hub in Howling Fjord.

This lack of focus on a single character is a big problem for me in getting to end-game content, which is where I want to be these days. At this moment, I will basically be playing different characters based upon who I am playing with. If I’m playing alone, I will be on my priest, Israhpem. If I’m playing with my wife, I will be on my druid, Vadali. Finally, if I’m playing with my brother, I will be on my Shaman, Anodoin. With three characters, I hope my restlessness with my characters might subside some.


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