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Well, Israhpem went into WC tonight with a party that consisted of 2 hunters, a mage, a warrior, and me. Initially, I thought this would be a good run, but I was terribly wrong.The biggest issue was the “tank”. Our main tank was the turtle that one of the hunters got inside the instance itself. The warrior was a huge disappointment. One, he didn’t have a shield. This is the biggest no-no for a warrior, in my opinion, unless you really know and trust your healer. Two, he never went into Defensive Stance. Defensive Stance is just a no-brainer when you’re tanking. So to begin with, he used a two-handed sword and was in battle stance the entire time. Three, the warrior NEVER used any of his aggro gaining abilities. I was easily pulling aggro off of him with simply using a Power Word: Shield (with the Glyph) and Renew. I have never, with all of my playing, have ever used Fade as much as I did tonight. It was like the RFC run previously where all we had was DPS and me. Aggro was bouncing around like a beach ball.

I was practicing with a Disc method of healing, and I feel like I kept the party up pretty well, considering. We only had 2 wipes. The first was an out-of-control wave of raptors that could not be healed through in the best of circumstances. The second was a complete failure of anyone tanking and me going from full to /oom in the battle with one druid and 3 or 4 raptors. I died a third time after two more bosses for a total of three bosses downed in WC.

A pathetic attempt, and I blame the warrior “tank”. The hunters were playing their pets correctly for a standard instance. The Warrior’s inability to keep aggro through any measure is what ultimately made this group and attempt fail. I’m ready for some better instance groups.

In other news, before this stupid attempt I went into Warsong Gulch and PvP’d for an entire level. I really like the XP gains you can make in Battle Grounds, now. It was extremely easy and extremely fun to play in WG for a change and get some experience PvPing with Israhpem. I tried to heal, mostly, but most of all, I seemed to be acting as a mobile target for people to gang-up-on while someone else tried to get the flag. Whatever the game, it was a lot of fun for a different experience.

Ultimately, I leveled to 20 tonight and will go and purchase my first mount. I am extremely happy with the changes to when you can purchase mounts in the game. It makes leveling radically easier to do because of the easier travel. It was always a pain when leveling previous characters to have to run through certain places (Barrens).

In conclusion, I made some definite progress tonight despite a terrible instance run. Overall, I’m happy with the results.


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