Adventures in Altitis

Therapy for Re-Rolling Addiction


Yesterday, I did the unthinkable, I play characters other than my Priest. I still plan on playing with him as my focus character, but my need to play multiple characters took over.

First, I got my wife’s account set up again and we started some Death Knights to play through their starting area with. I just wanted to show her something new and get her back into the game some. When she left, I got on my Druid and bought him a flying mount just for the hell of it, I know he gets flight form, but I like having mounts too. The end of the night I spent working on my 25 Hunter, getting him two levels before going to bed.

I had a productive night, but I was a little disappointed in myself for not being able to focus on my single character like this blog was made to help me do. I will probably be spending the night tonight working on my priest character unless my wife wants to play some, which will mean I’ll be playing my druid instead. I also brought up the idea of starting some Alliance characters with my brother (who has 4 level 80s and 3 more lvl 70+s and no Alliance characters). It would be a change of pace and bring some diversity to the play experience for us. I only have the one Alliance character above 20, and I’d like to have some new quests to do.

Such is the seed of my altaholism, and the problem I’ve started the blog to help me manage.


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