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Ragefire Chasm

As the title suggests, I ran RFC today, multiple times. This allowed me to get to lvl 15, almost to 16.  I healed for these and practiced a Discipline way of healing rather than my older style of using chain Renew with Heals thrown in  when the “tank” got low.I want to expand on my experiences some. I ran with two groups. One PUG, the other made up of my guildmates. In the PUG, a couple of the members started basically harassing another player who asked if we wanted to run the instance (since 3 of us were sitting outside of the entrance), and, instead of saying we were just waiting on a couple of members of our group to arrive, the other two people started calling him a “noob” and saying “gtfo”, simply starting a fight. Of course, the person responded negatively, which just made the encounter last longer.

My point is that it was completely unnecessary. These two people who were very nice within the instance itself and were decent players, totally turned my opinion around and caused me to not add them to my friends list simply from their inability to be civil.

Secondly, I want to mention that it is so much easier to heal a group that actually has a tank. My guildmates and I, out of necessity, did not have a tank to run the instance. The group composition of me (priest), Hunter, Mage, and Rogue (we had a paladin that went linkdead soon after we started) just was a pain to heal. The aggro jumped from one of them to another in a very erratic fashion, and I was force to keep PW:S and Renew up on all of them almost the entire run. I didn’t feel like being a pest and insisting that the Hunter use his pet to tank (I’ve used a Voidwalker on a Warlock to tank all of Wailing Caverns before, I know a pet can do it), but it really made my job much more difficult (and my mana much more depleted than necessary).

Notes on the blog itself: my armory for this priest character is now up and running, so you can see how he is developing in game terms. As you can see there, my professions are coming along because I’m really focusing on maintaining them.


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