Adventures in Altitis

Therapy for Re-Rolling Addiction


I had a marathon play session tonight and got Israhpem to level 13.  The link to the right of his Armory still isn’t working, but I’m thinking the character might still be a little too new for it have updated properly.

I also worked on my professions a lot tonight. I try to keep my professions at around the same skill level as I would keep my weapon skills. Some professions I can get ahead of myself pretty easily, and I prefer to do that if at all possible. Tonight I got Fishing up to 100, First Aid to 80, Cooking up to around 80, Herbalism to around 80, and I cannot remember what I have Inscription to because it has proven to be more difficult than the others to level.

I do have a confession to make, though. I cheated, in a way. This is a new server for me, and I was having a great deal of trouble getting my character money and properly geared. So, I made a Death Knight who I took through the DK starting area. Once I was finished with that, I made him an enchanter to be my disenchant slave. There is a good synchronicity with Enchanting on one character and Inscription on the other. To level my Inscription, I can make the armor and weapon enchant vellum, or whatever it is called, who gives it to my Enchanter to make scrolls that I use on my main character.


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