Adventures in Altitis

Therapy for Re-Rolling Addiction

Introduction to the Experiment

This is a World of Warcraft Blog.

I am Chris the Abject, and I suffer from altitis. I have leveled and deleted characters on different servers that must number close to 100. These include a 56 priest, 30s of every class, and so many 20s as to be almost humorous if it weren’t simply too sad. As an experiment and a subject for this blog, I chose to do something maybe unconventional. Since I have such difficulty in staying with a race or class combination, (through the genius of my loving and beautiful wife) I decided to determine what race/class combo I would play through to 80 via a random number generator. But, maybe some history is in order before I go further into the experiment itself.

I started WoW within the first few months of the game’s release. Before Burning Crusade, I had started a character of each class available on the Horde side.  My very first inclination was to play an Orc Warlock, but that soon gave way to the indecision that has plagued my Warcraft behavior since. With the release of BC, I eventually came to play and level a Blood Elf Paladin to level 70 before Wrath. My poor pally stays at lvl 70 as of the writing of this first post. With the release of Wrath and new servers, I started a Night Elf  rogue and actually stayed true to the leveling of that character, I belonged to a promising guild, but real life got in the way and I took some time off. With the release of Cataclysm upcoming, I want a character to reach the current level cap; so, in true altitis fashion, I’m starting a new one.

The experiment, therefore, is to see, since I cannot decide on my own what to play through affinity nor taste, if simply a dice roll can act as a remedy for this curse. I laid out the classes in alphabetical order, then using the RNG on RANDOM.ORG, I randomized the order of classes. The order came out like this:

  1. Warlock
  2. Death Knight
  3. Paladin
  4. Rogue
  5. Shaman
  6. Druid
  7. Hunter
  8. Warrior
  9. Priest
  10. Mage

I then rolled for the class I would play with a result of #9 Priest. Seven races can be priest, so I listed them in alphabetical order and randomized the list with the result being:

  1. Blood Elf
  2. Troll
  3. Dwarf
  4. Human
  5. Draenei
  6. Night Elf
  7. Undead

And finally resulting with a #1 Blood Elf.

This will be the record of the Blood Elf Priest, Israhpem, on the server Quel’dorei.


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  1. I wanted to be your first comment. 🙂 Love you.

    Comment by Adriane | October 9, 2009 | Reply

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