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Therapy for Re-Rolling Addiction


I mentioned in my last post that the role of Tanking was something that attracted me. It got me thinking about what classes are implemented to fulfill that role. I have a paladin who is coming along nicely. I have a Druid who I’ve never actually tanked with, but I maybe dual-spec into a tanking role simply to try the Druidish style. I have a couple of warriors who I cannot seem to get up very high. I mess around with one, but then again, I was planning on maybe making a Goblin in the expansion a warrior, and I might just wait until then to really work on one. Fourthly, there is the Death Knight who I started last night in a bout of insomnia to try my hand at DK tanking. Finding resources on DK tanking is really difficult, but I did find one blogger over at who seemed to be going about it in a very methodical way. I will probably be using this blog as a jumping off point for my experience.

The thing that bothers me with DK tanking is I don’t really understand yet how threat is generated. I can see that Parry is king, but threat seems to come simply through straight dps. I guess that was much of the change for the tanking experience throughout WotLK, I’m just worried with how it plays out with my DK friend.


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Main Playing

Update from this weekend: I started playing my main again.

It’s kind of funny how I gained interest in Namiel again. It was probably in keeping up with this blog and in listening to back episodes of Twisted Nether Blogcast that really inspired me. I took her up to level 74, started working on a tank set, dual spec’d Ret/Prot, ran through Dalaran for my first time, got revered with Kalu’ak, and, over-all, just had a lot of fun with a character I didn’t enjoy for a long time.

The role I’ve always enjoyed doing is tanking. I originally leveled Namiel from the 40s to 70 as Prot, and I’ve been reading up on the changes to Paladin tanking on the Maintankadin website/forums. It seems to really haven’t changed a whole lot since BC, but I’m going to have to start running some instances to really get into a groove again.

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Discussions on Rogue Leveling

There is a player on Israhpem’s server I have been “mentoring” in a way on how to level his rogue. Now, my rogue isn’t max level, but I got my information together to learn how to level him and some of the best tactics while leveling. Continue reading

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New Character

That didn’t last long. I started a new character with my brother tonight. We’re leveling Alliance Characters on Kargath, neither of us have any above level 60, and I figured duoing this content would be easier and more fun than trying to solo it again (plus it gives us an opportunity to really play together). We got to level 10 tonight, almost finishing Azuremyst Isle. I’m playing a Shaman, Anodoin (planning on going elemental) and he is playing a Druid(planning on going Balance). The leveling was pretty quick, we did it in about three to four hours, and I had a lot of fun hanging out with him. Continue reading

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Wailing Caverns

Well, Israhpem went into WC tonight with a party that consisted of 2 hunters, a mage, a warrior, and me. Initially, I thought this would be a good run, but I was terribly wrong. Continue reading

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Yesterday, I did the unthinkable, I play characters other than my Priest. I still plan on playing with him as my focus character, but my need to play multiple characters took over. Continue reading

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Long-term Plans

One reason I started playing WoW again after over 6 months of being away was the coming expansion. And the biggest part of the expansion can be summed up in one word: Goblins.

Continue reading

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Ragefire Chasm

As the title suggests, I ran RFC today, multiple times. This allowed me to get to lvl 15, almost to 16.  I healed for these and practiced a Discipline way of healing rather than my older style of using chain Renew with Heals thrown in  when the “tank” got low. Continue reading

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I had a marathon play session tonight and got Israhpem to level 13.  The link to the right of his Armory still isn’t working, but I’m thinking the character might still be a little too new for it have updated properly. Continue reading

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I’ve played a few more times and gained a few more levels (8) with Israhpem. I also chose my professions: Inscription and Herbalism. I was very surprised how much the milled herbs were going for on the AH.

I’m also slowly updating the layout of this site to look more appropriate.  I will be improving my links and  blogroll in the coming days. If any readers (haha) have any links that might be appropriate, please leave a comment.

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